Styret i Alexander Brass Band har pr. februar 2020 følgende medlemmer:

Leder: Stig Vold
Kasserer: Hugo Heitmann Hansen
Styremedlem: Hilde Bøe
Styremedlem: Bjarne Pedersen
Material/noteforvalter: Lilli Anne J. Grong

Komitéer og andre verv:

Musikk-komité:  Morten Nesvik, Morten E Hansen, Rolf Aksel Gilje
Revisor + Webmaster:  Atle Høgberg

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  1. Hi
    I know this is a long shot but I have to start somewhere.
    Our church (Greenfield Methodist, Saddleworth) have just been let down by the band that was due to play on Whit Friday morning in the morning parade. This leaves the Greenfield procession with just one band that will be playing with St Mary’s.
    We are desperately trying to find a band, or scratch band or even a group of players who can just make some noise to accompany us. It is a paid job around £300 (but don’t quote me on that) I just wondered if you were attending the Whit Friday marches this year and would possibly like to participate in the morning parades which is an essential part of Whit Friday. Any help would be much appreciated,

    Kind regards

    Phil O’Brien
    Tel 01933 664463

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