NB: kun for privat bruk  (hvis noen overhodet skulle tenke på noe annet…   🙂

NM 2018

Five Blooms in a Welsh Garden (Gareth Woods)
– A Fanfare of Daffodils
– Witch Hazel
– Pinks
– Lily of the Valley
– Bluebells

Siddis 2017
Fanfare For a New Age  (Goff Richards)
Flying Home (Euph Duet – Goff Richards),  Solister: Mette Lütcherath og Jørgen Lutro
I Will Follow Him  (Stole, Roma & Plante, arr. Goff Richards)
Armenian Fire Dance (Goff Richards)
I’ll Walk With God (Nicholas Brodszky, arr. Goff Richards)

NM 2017
Land of The Long White Cloud (Philip Sparke)

Siddis 2016
The Great Revival – Festive March  (William Gordon)
Nobody Knows The Trouble I See (Trad.  arr Gordon Langford)  Solist Alexander Lindboe
Dance Of The Tumblers  (Nicholai Rimsky-Korsakov, arr Wilfred Heaton)
Lux Aurumque (Light Of Gold)  (Eric Whitacre, arr Sandy Smith)
Rhapsody in Brass, 3 sats (Dean Goffin)

NM 2016
Cloudcatcher Fells (John McCabe)

Siddis 2015:
Suite From Gloria  – Karl Jenkins (arr. Andrew Wainwright / Robert Childs)

  1. The Proclamation: Gloria in Exelcis Deo
  2. The Prayer: Laudamus Te
  3. The Psalm: Tehellim – Psalm 150
  4. The Song: I’ll Make Music (solist: Kristin Bringaker Kleppa)
  5. The Exaltation: Domine Deus

Kvalifiseringskonkurranse til 1.divisjon NM 2015
Abstractions – (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

NM 2015
Sinfonietta – The Wayfarer   (Eric Ball)

Siddis 2014
Dreaded Groove and Hook (Simon Dobson)
Vallflickans dans (Hugo Alfvén, arr. Frode Rydland, Solist: Mats Urdahl-Aasen)
Wondrous Cross (Philip Wilby)
It’s All Right With Me (Trombone quartet) (Cole Porter, arr. Tom Brevik)
Circius (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen)

Kvalifiseringskonkurranse til 1.divisjon NM 2015
Circius (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen)

NM 2014
The Year of the Dragon (Philip Sparke)

Siddis 2013
Mysterious voices of Bulgaria -I A Nightingales Fanfare
Mysterious voices of Bulgaria -II The Flute Player
Carnival in Venice (med Mats Urdahl-Aasen som solist)
Il est bel et bon
O, bli hos meg
Sosban Fach

NM 2013
High Peak (Eric Ball)

Siddis 2012
Dragons Rise
Bird of Passage (Solist: Michelle Lindboe)
Deep Harmony
Zeibékikos (Solist: Mats Urdahl-Aasen)
Groovin’ with the Grown-Ups

Kvalifiseringskonkurranse til 1.divisjon NM 2013
Toccata e Corale (John Brakstad)

NM 2012
Connotations (Edward Gregson)

Siddis 2011
01 – Santiago di Compostella
02 – Atención & Sevilla
03 – Andalucia
04 – El Camino Real

Kvalifiseringskonkurranse til 1.divisjon NM 2012
Fantasia on How Great Thou Art (Idar Torskangerpoll)

NM 2011
Diversions on a Bass Theme (George Lloyd)

Siddis 2010
Candide Overture
Over the Rainbow
Let’s Face the Music and Dance
Letter from Home
Washington Grays

NM 2010
Journey Into Freedom (Eric Ball)

Siddis 2009 – 7. plass – 1. divisjon:
Valero (James Swearingen)
Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael/Mitchell Parish)

Chiquelin De Bachin (Astor Piazzolla, Arr. Reid Gilje)

Steadily Onwards – March

Sunrise Over Blue Ridge (Dan Price)

Sosban Fach (Welsh Trad, Arr Gareth Wood)

NM 2009 – 2. plass – 2. divisjon:
Saga of Haakon the Good  (Philip Sparke)

Siddis 2008 – delt 9. plass – 1. divisjon:

The Great Colour Gobbler March

Amazing Graze

Tonnau’r Cawr

NM 2008 – 3. plass – 2. divisjon:
Natalis – Martin Ellerby.mp3

Siddis 2007 – 7. plass – 1. divisjon:
The Earle of Oxford March.mp3
Gabriellas Sång.mp3


Lascia chi`o pianga.mp3

Contest March – The Conqueror.mp3

NM 2007 – 11. plass – 1. divisjon:
English Heritage.mp3

Siddis 2006 – 5. plass – 1. divisjon:
The Day of the Dragon.mp3

NM 2006 – 5. plass – 1. divisjon:
Between the Two Rivers.mp3

Siddis 2005 – 8. plass – 1. divisjon:
Variants on an English Hymn Tune

Fiesta de la Vida

NM 2005 – 9. plass – 1. divisjon:
Tone Poem – The Holy War

SIDDIS BRASS 2004 – 13. plass – 1. divisjon:
Bojarenes Inntogsmarsj
Up where we belong
The Holy Well
March to the Scaffold

NM 2004 – 5. plass – 1. divisjon:
Coventry Variations

SIDDIS BRASS 2003 – 2. plass – 1. divisjon:
Letter from home
For the love of a Princess
A Psalm of Praise

Se Siddis Brass 2003 fremføring på video: mp4_fil for nedlasting

NM 2003 – 10.plass – Elitedivisjonen:
Pliktnummer:  A Kensington Concerto (Eric Ball)
Selvvalgt:       Connotations (Edward Gregson)

Siddis Brass 2002 – 5.plass – Elitediv.:
Hymn of the Highlands (Phillip Sparke):
1.  Ardross Castle.mp3
2.  Summer Isles.mp3
3.  Alladale.mp3
4.  Lairg Muir.mp3
5.  Dundonnel.mp3

NM 2002 – 1.plass – 1 div.:
Tallis Variations.mp3

Siddis Brass 2001 – 1.plass – 1 div.:
To a wild rose.mp3



Ad Optimum.mp3

NM 2001 – 1.plass – 2 div.:

Siddis Brass 2000 – 3.plass 1 div.:
My love is like a red red rose.mp3

Ad Optimum.mp3

Tir n’a noir.mp3

NM 1997 – 1.plass  2.div.:
Sinfonietta The Wayfarer.mp3

NB: kun for privat bruk  (hvis noen overhodet skulle tenke på noe annet…  🙂  )

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